• UK Narrow Boat Sharing Early History

    Shared Narrow Boat Water Jester
    It was actually South Shore who started it all off with their shared ownership scheme...and then came the "Big Boys" in the form of OwnerShips and Challenger.
  • More recent history

    How the two big boys, Challenger and OwnerShips, went bankrupt and what happened to the 150 or so boats they managed.
  • OwnerShips

    A March 1991 advert for OwnerShips Ltd
    Some historic shared ownership adverts and press clippings. Adverts that were creating amusing and at times fraudulent!
  • Liquidation

    Allen Matthews
    OwnerShips in Liquidation. What happened there. Well some people saw it coming.
  • OwnerSnippets

    OwnerSnippets: A leaflet setting out to discredit OwnerShips which hinted at some financial irregularities many years before they came to light.
  • The Others

    An June 1992 Advert For OwnerShips Ltd
    Most of these schemes either failed to ever materialise or we small schemes that finished quite quickly with the exception of JD Boat Services who are still running just one shared boat. Some posted adverts stealing artwork from OwnerShips! 
  • My time at OwnerShips

    OwnerShips the staff
    My time at OwnerShips by Philip Duerden. From my first day until my last. The musings of an ex-employee. 
  • Challenger

    Shared Narrow Boats from Challenger
    Challenger Syndicateships. What happened there?
  • South Shore

    Shared Narrow Boat Water Jester
    South Shore Narrow Boats Jack and Sheila Graham