Sharing boats today

Shared Narrow Boat Adagio
As I write (early 2020) there is it seems a spirit of cooperation between the two main players in shared ownership. BCBM and Carefree Cruising, together, have been putting on a show initally at Braunston but more recently at Dunchurch Marina near Rugby.

For another general view on boat sharing do have a look at boatshare4u an excellent site offering lots of boat shaing information and resources. I would stress that boatshare4u is NOT  a share sales site, shares for sale are on the boatshare web site, or other places including, of course, the BCBM, Carefree and Ownershare web sites.
Shared Narrow Boat The Teal
The boatshare web site seems to do well in selling shares in boats where the owners elect not to employ the services of a management compange selling around 50 shares each year. (It should be noted boatshare is a sister website to this one) 
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The only real down side is that whilst there are still over 200 boats is shared ownership overall the rate of them coming on the the water perhaps exceeds the numbers being sold off by their owners, so overall the trend is very slight a reducing number of such craft. 

Buying a share in a boat is a great way to SAVE money against the cost of hiring, it is not a way to MAKE money and as long as you go in to it with the view that you will have to spend out each year on your share even if you do not use your boat as much as you can per the booking system then you can not go far wrong.

The sales market is in general good order...but there will always be shares that stick, sometimes for no good reason. 

Where to find shares

If you are looking to buy or sell a share, or just want to see what is available, then please visit our sister site here