OwnerShips Promotional Videos

Ownerships Video 1

OwnerShips commissioned two promotional videos. The first one was made by two budding students who both went on to have successful careers in the TV industry and this video, which was made with one camera and in one day, was used in their respective CV’s to showcase their talents. It also features yours truly in my one and only attempt at acting, and notwithstanding my not even having to deliver a line I have to confess I am not good in it. Hence why I do not work in front of a camera these days!
The final scene shows a narrow boat being steered by me in to the distance and out of shot. What it does not, thankfully, show is my having to then reverse said boat some 500 yards back to the point from where the shot started.

OwnerShips Video 2

This second and much more professional video was made some years later and at much (much!) greater expense.

They were mailed out to customers on video tapes with a request that they were then returned. From memory I don’t think the investment in the second video lived up to the expected returns.

We even had a copy made in NTSC for those (few) customers in the USA asking about the scheme. 

Sadly the first 30 seconds or so are missing from the video and there is a degree of interference for the opening section. 

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