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Chapter 2

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On my desk was a very basic computer which actually ran only DOS programmes but as I, at this time, had few computer skills anything was better than the electric typewriter I had seen as "advance technology" to date. 

By way of background here I started my working life at 16 with Nat West Bank, working in branch banking and dealing with the public. It was an inauspicious career and I had slowly worked my way up to Manager's Clerk, where I had ended actually running the branch more or less as my "boss" was an alcoholic and often absent, so when an appointment had been made for somebody to see him for a loan they got me instead as he was never there! I loaned money, lots of it, by "the seat of my pants" and actually was OK at it, we had few bad debts and the branch was making a handsome profit when I left, and I left because I was not happy with my massive workload and the fact that banks were moving in to the the age of "Credit scoring" and I was being asked more and more to "sell" banks services. All in all I hated it, time for a change. 

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So I left to pursue another dream, to live on a narrow boat and travel the canals. I never forget the day I made that decision. I was in a minibus being taken to a new thing Nat West were setting up, Nat West Home Loans, in Birmingham, yes Nat West were going to offer mortgages! So here I am in a minibus with 11 "over enthusiastic" souls who are getting very excited about this new venture going along the M6 and I look over to my left and see the canal in a early morning mist, and going along it is a boat, all alone, this boat in the mist and nothing else. At that point I decided it was going to be me sometime soon. 

I lived on a boat for around six years, and never returned to Nat West, my next job was in retail selling TV's, Hi Fi etc., another passion in my life. I was mad about my music and my hi fi. While working there I set up a 12 volt section so aiming for boaters and those with caravans and one day a certain Allen Matthews walked in to buy a television set having seen an advert....and the rest is history.

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